A Blood Aria…

Alvathen. Opera. Opera is the true art. The greatest art. The Houses of the Blooded Ven across Shanri live for Opera, the grand tales of alliance, and treachery, romance, and revenge, and of course murder. We present to you now a Blood Aria, a soleful melody of triumph and loss, of wishes gained and dreams shattered.

Blood Aria is a campaign that uses the Blood & Tears LARP rules to supplement Houses of the Blooded. You will play a Ven, one of the noble-blooded denizens of the antediluvian world of Shanri. You begin as a newly minted noble, cast into a world of treachery and intrigue. Choose your friends wisely, and your enemies even more wisely. Seek power, or glory, or love, or blood. But know always that the higher you climb, the higher you have to fall.

To see what has already been established, take a look at the Blood Aria wiki. Or else head straight to the Character Creation page.

Blood Aria